Monday, July 17, 2006

Senate to Vote on Important Bills on Stem-Cell Research and Cloning Tuesday, July 18 (TOMORROW!)

Urge Your Senators to OPPOSE H.R. 810 and SUPPORT S. 3504 & S. 2754

Senator Maria Cantwell

District Offices:
Seattle 206-220-6400
Spokane 509-353-2507
SW Washington 360-696-7838
Central Washington 509-946-8106
Tacoma 253-572-2281
Northwestern Washington 425-303-0114
or e-mail her by going to this link.

Senator Patty Murray

District Offices:
Everett 425-259-6515
Spokane 509-624-9515
Vancouver 360-696-7797
Tacoma 253-572-3636
Yakima 509-453-7462
Bellevue 425-462-4460
or e-mail her going to this link.

The U.S. Senate will vote on three important bills dealing with stem-cell research and cloning beginning Tuesday, July 18 (TOMORROW!!!). No amendments will be allowed for any of the bills. It will take 60 votes out of 100 for any one to pass, otherwise they will be dead for the remainder of the year.

Of the three bills to be considered, AFA (American Family Association) STRONGLY OPPOSES H.R. 810, which would require federal funding of research using stem cells obtained by killing human embryos. AFA SUPPORTS S. 3504 - the Fetus Farming Prohibition Act - which would make it a federal crime for a researcher to use tissue from a human baby who has been gestated in a woman's womb - or an animal womb - for experimentation and AFA SUPPORTS S. 2754 - the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies Enhancement Act - which would encourage scientists to seek ethical stem-cell alternatives.