Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wash for Life!

"We are organizing thousands of groups across the nation to hold car washes to benefit their local pregnancy care centers - all on the same day!" - from the Wash for Life website

Youth for Life will be participating in the first ever nation-wide Wash for Life on Saturday, September 16 to raise money for Angelorum Pregnancy Services in Shoreline!

WHEN: Saturday, September 16 from 10 am - 2 pm.
WHERE: St. Mark's Catholic Church parking lot
18033 15th Place NE
Shoreline, Washington

There will also be confessions beginning at 8 am, followed by Mass at 9 am for those whoe would like to attend. We really encourage you to come and pray for the success of the whole Wash for Life effort.

If you are willing to help out, we need volunteers to make signs and bring buckets, car soap, rags, sponges, hoses, and cameras! Please dress in clothes you don't mind getting wet, but do not bring immodest clothing. (No uncovered swimsuits or immodest shorts.)

If you want to participate in a Wash for Life, but can't make it to Shoreline, there are two other car washes being organized in Washington by St. Monica's on Mercer Island and the Newman Center at the University of Washington. If you aren't from Washington, you can find the washes in your state by going to the map on the Wash for Life website.

"By participating in the Wash for Life, youth will help women and children in their own community, while at the same time being united in an event that sends a message to the whole nation, that this generation is pro-life."

We will be joining approximately 144 other car washes in 35 states across the nation on this day, so come join us and send a message to our country that American youth are pro-life!