Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pregnant and scared? They were, too.

Rock for Life has begun a new segment on their website dedicated to people's pro-life stories and, frankly, they are amazing! Here are three stories from girls who chose life, though there are many more stories from all sides of the abortion issue. Go here for the rest.

Hi I'm Amanda and I'm 15. I got pregnant when I was 13 years old. My baby is truly a miracle. I was determined to get an abortion and everyone else wanted me to get one too. No one approved of me keeping the baby. The night before the abortion I was sitting alone and all of the sudden I started crying uncontrollably. Out of nowhere it hit me "I can't kill an innocent life, it's not my place to take away God's child" Ha, so I did everything I could for my baby down to moving into a maternity home for homeless teens for our needs since no one would help me. God's giving me every little thing my baby or I need. A few weeks before I delivered my very healthy baby my grandmother's heart softened and she told me she wanted me and the baby to come home instead of transferring to the teen parent home. And it's great, I love my baby to death. I'm SOOOO thankful I didn't get an abortion....

Posted By Amanda Conner Sherburn on Mar, 1 2007


Life, is the greatest miracle!

I was 15 when i first found out i was pregnant. And I'm now 16 waiting for my beautiful son to be born. At the beginning, yes it was severely hard to not think about abortion i was a mess and in no state in my mind to be a mother, i was just doing my last year at school before college and i still had a life to live. But as soon as i thought that i realised, A life to live. Who am i to say that this baby inside of me doesn't have a life to live? I have always been against abortion but i had never truely considered it until now, i was ashamed and upset that i could have even conceived the thought of letting my beautiful baby die.

Yes it has been tough, yes it will get even tougher as i try to go back to school and finish college once he's here in this world. I'm still going to live my life and i'm still going to enjoy it. Just now i'm going to enjoy it with a little extra baby boy. To me that's a miracle. I'm sure my family thinks the same. This little baby has changed me and my views so much as I have seriously felt pressured into abortion since the beginning or being at the hospital but I wouldn't give up my baby that's bouncing inside of me and who is due in two weeks; just to have a 'normal' life and 'enjoy' it. Just because I'm going to enjoy my life differently to all my friends doesn't mean I won't enjoy life.


Posted By Clare Anderson on Feb, 19 2007


Well, where do i begin. I am a sophmore in high school. I got pregnant in June after my freshman year. I was ashamed, scared and then everyone knew at my school. It spread like grass fire. I only told one person and they betrayed me. Now I was taken out of school because I couldn't deal with the people there. They would ask me questions like, "Why don't you kill your baby?" I am havin' my baby boy Feb. 23rd. I am so excited. I am glad I kept my son. I have 22 days left and my son will be here. I am happy about the choice I had made and know my mom is happy to be a grandmother and my brothers and sisters are excited to be aunts and uncles. I am happy to finally hold my son in my arms and know that he's safe with me.

Posted By Kendra on Feb, 1 2007