Thursday, May 24, 2007

Please Come Protest Gov. Gregoire's Support of NARAL

Governor Christine Gregoire is to be the Keynote Speaker for NARAL-Pro-Choice-Washington's Fundraising Breakfast on Wednesday, May 30 at 7:30 am at the Sheraton Hotel on 6th Ave. in downtown Seattle. Funds raised will be used solely to elect and re-elect pro-abortion
choice candidates.

A citizens' protest of the governor's endorsement of abortion – shown by her support of this event – will occur. Please note, CHANGE in DATE & TIME of day (and possibly even the venue) vs. what was originally posted on NARAL-WA's website. The event had previously been described as a luncheon and the original date was June 12th.

Please consider joining in the citizens' protest. This will unfortunately involve sacrificially getting up very early, but we're young, so we can do it! Please plan to arrive by about 6:30 am. We'd like NARAL supporters to see us outside before they go in. We'd like them to be reminded that what they are there to help fund is NOT approved of by many in the community, especially women. Some may naively not realize this and may rethink their support for abortion generally and NARAL specifically after seeing citizen protesters there. We'd also like to be certain Gov. Gregoire knows her scandalous appearance at this event has not gone unnoticed.

Whether or not you choose to attend the protest, please spread the word that Gov. Gregoire has shown her true colors on abortion.

Here is a link to NARAL's posting about the fundraiser which lists prominent
supporters for the event, including Sen. Maria Cantwell: