Monday, October 15, 2007

40 DFL Halfway Rallies and Info.

The 40 DFL are going really well! Today is Day 20 - the half-way mark! There are Half-way Rallies planned for Everett and Seattle, and Everett is calling for help, so keep reading to find out what you can do.

The Rally for the Seattle Vigil will be held on Wednesday, October 17 at 7 pm in the Blessed Sacrament Parish Hall right up the street from the vigil. The address is: 5041 8th Ave NE, Seattle WA, 98105. There will be excellent speakers and lots of great pro-life people!

The Rally for Everett will take place on Tuesday, October 16 at 7 pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Everett. The address is: 2913 W. Marine View Drive, Everett. Donna Cori Gibson will be singing at this and their ending Rally, and they will have great speakers too!

Everett could also use a little help from pro-life teens. Here is a message from their co-director.
We could use help with phone calls and keeping track of our schedule (we continue to get new sign ups, but we are still not completely covered with our hours) if anyone in your group would be willing to help. We would also love to have the YFL come out as a group, even if just the north end contingent, especially on Thursday afternoons when Planned Parenthood does their teen clinic. I think it would be very powerful for the teens going in to see their peers out there praying and taking a stand for Life.

Our website is where we have information about all of our events and we also have a blog at with updates on our campaign [and contact information if you want to help out].