Monday, December 17, 2007

Hike 4 Life


Hike4Life is a four day 'walk & drive pilgrimage' to 12 abortion businesses from Silverdale to Olympia, from January 19-22, 2008.

It will begin on Saturday, January 19, 2008, at Our Lady Star of the Sea parish in Bremerton. Participants will walk to the two west-sound Planned Parenthood facilities in Bremerton and Silverdale, continue the first day's hike at three abortion mills in Seattle, and then drive to Renton.  

The second day, Sunday, January 20, participants will drive and hike to the abortuaries in Renton, Kent, and Federal Way.  They will end the day in Tacoma.

On Monday, January 21, they plan to pray at the three abortion businesses in Tacoma and then arrive in Olympia that afternoon.

Early on Tuesday, January 22, they will walk to, and pray at the abortion mill in Olympia, returning in time for the Pro-Life Mass.  Finally, they will walk to, and take part in, the March for Life.

Special Note

Hike4Life recently learned that parishes within the archdiocese will not be allowed to provide the hikers with a place to rest, so they need your help.

If you live in Renton, Tacoma, or Olympia please consider opening your home to the 12-14 hikers. They will need a little food and a place to roll out there sleeping bags and sleep on:

Saturday, January 19 in Renton

Sunday, January 20 in Tacoma

Monday, January 21 in Olympia

If you are able and willing to open your home to Hike4Life, please contact Suzan at

About Hike4Life
We are good citizens of America and of the Kingdom, pilgrims on our way home, stopping along the way to quietly pray in adoration of our God, in reparation for the outrageous sin of abortion, in supplication for our pre-born brothers and sisters who have no voice, and for all those involved in abortion in any way.  We do not seek to provoke controversy, shout slogans or carry graphic signs.  Willing to step out in faith, we are simply Christians, dedicated to the proposition that all human life is sacred.