Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clients of Angelorum

This is the message received today:

Please pray for an abortion minded client that came to Angelorum with
her boyfriend and simply said she can not have a baby at this time.
She left our office in a hurry and I am really praying she will come
back to talk some more.

Also, one of our return clients is due in two days and she was just
here and requested we pray for her delivery and healthy baby.

Also, one of our clients that is about 4 months along now is having
some major medical problems and on the 25th she is going to the
hospital for an operation and the doctors told her it was her life or
the baby's life. She is so upset. It is really devastating to her
and her boyfriend. They find little comfort in the fact that they are
both young enough to have another baby. I am so sad about this. I
have been working with this couple from the beginning.

Also, a young client that has a history of running away and had
warrants out on her and then became pregnant, a very complicated case
to say the least. The family has been working towards reconciliation
and bonding and the client was arrested and while in detention, she
had a miscarriage. It is a very hard time for this family, so please
pray for them also.

It's so comforting to know that we have so many prayers being said for
these women and families. Thank you so much, you are all in our
prayers also.