Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Angelorum: Prayer for a client

Hi Everyone,

I am asking for prayer for a 17 yr old that had a positive pregnancy
test this afternoon. She said her boyfriend is really pressuring her
into having an abortion. They have a two year old son together
already. She has an appointment for an ultrasound at 11am on
Wednesday at Life Choices and I spoke with her at length about the
agencies that will provide help during and after the baby is born. In
fact, today I was able to give them all kinds of things they needed
for their son, including one of the Easter baskets from Holy Rosary in
Edmonds. This generosity shocked both of them! She is in favor of
adoption but her boyfriend said he would rather she had an abortion
because he doesn't want someone else to raise his baby. She is a
Mormon and he is a Catholic! This client really does not want to have
an abortion but out of desperation, late this afternoon she called me
and asked me if I would take her to the hospital so they could just
take the baby now. I spent more time with both of them and they both
agreed that they would wait until the ultrasound so they knew how far
along the baby is and then they would decide what to do. There were
lots of tears pouring out of both of these parents today, me too when
it was safe.

Please, everyone, your prayers are powerful. Let's pray for our
Lord's intercession on behalf of this little life.