Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gospel of Life Institute Pro-Life Reminders

The Coalition Against Assisted Suicide
The recipients of the Western Washington Pro-Life Update are familiar with the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide and many of you have made a donation to this organization to help them defeat I-1000. However, many people are still unaware of this deadly initiative and its repercussions.

Please take the time to educate yourself regarding I-1000 by visiting the question and answer section of www.noassistedsuicide.com and then speak to other people about assisted suicide.  It is especially important that you be able to defend the Church's position.  "As you know from the history of abortion, the Church telling Catholics something is forbidden is sadly no longer a good enough reason for them to reject it.  Like it says on the website, supporting assisted suicide could be like signing your own death warrant.  Particularly disturbing is the scenario of your elderly parents being in a nursing home and being talked into assisted suicide without your knowledge or permission, seeing them one day, coming to visit the next and finding them dead and not even knowing that they committed suicide because the death certificate will say that it was from whatever illness they had.  It's like your teenage daughter being coerced into believing that abortion is the best answer.  Now you'll have your parents and loved ones being convinced, without your knowledge, that ending their life would be doing you a favor by saving on all of those medical bills.  The Culture of Death is on the attack from both ends and wants to meet in the middle where only 'perfect' people are allowed to live and those who 'drain' society of the ability to enjoy a higher standard of living – whether elderly, infirm, handicapped, or unborn, are eliminated.  Pray, Pray, Pray and talk, talk, talk to those around you.  Once they have the facts, they may be more open to rejecting assisted suicide than you think.  God Bless, Peggy"

Let us show our country that we value human life and that killing people (via assisted suicide) because they are elderly, sick, infirm, or disabled is never acceptable.  Life is sacred from conception until natural death.

Rita Marker, a well-known national speaker on physician-assisted suicide and euthansia, will be here in June for a series of meetings and talks (we are in the process of putting one together for the Seattle area).

She will be in Mt. Vernon from June 23-25, if anyone, living in the area, would like to have her speak, even in an informal setting in a home, she is happy to help educate people on this potentially devastating initiative.

Please see www.internationaltaskforce.org for more information or call Anne Wilson at 425-432-4536

Human Life of Seattle at the West Seattle Junction Street Fair
Human Life of Seattle has been invited to participate in staffing a booth at the West Seattle Junction Street Fair, which will occur on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July 11, 12, and 13.  This would be a new activity for them.

About ten years ago, there was a right-to-life booth in that street fair, but that was stopped in later years after complaints.  In recent years, though, both Planned Parenthood and NARAL have had booths.  Apparently there has been a change in management of the fair.  There is support for a booth from the West Seattle Ministerial Association (which includes the pastor of Holy Rosary Church) and from Healing Hearts, a Protestant group with a mission similar to that of Project Rachel.  The plan is, though, for any booth to be under the "Human Life of Washington" banner.

Ted Nutting, President of Human Life of Seattle, is canvassing to see if there is enough interest for Human Life to support this endeavor.  The affiliate is already extended by its booth in the Fremont Fair in June, and Ted is seeking some outside support for the West Seattle Junction Fair.

He notes that his affiliate, though secular, has a membership that is predominantly Catholic. For years they have wanted to reach out to other pro-life organizations, but they haven't had much success.  This could be an opportunity to do that.  

If you might be interested in helping staff the booth, please contact Ted at theodorenutting@msn.com.