Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seattle 40 Days for Life - Fall 2008

Hey everyone! Its time to start thinking about 40 Days for Life again!
Here is the official e-mail from our Seattle coordinators, Aaron and

Exciting news for all those interested in participating in this Fall's
40 Days for Life campaign!

Last year you may remember that Seattle participated with almost 90
other cities to pray, fast, and keep a constant vigil for 40 full days
- we prayed for God's grace to be with the aborted; we prayed for the
conversion of heart of the mothers and fathers who entered the
abortion clinic; we prayed for love to be shown to the ones who work
at the abortion mill; and among other things we prayed for the light
of Christ to affect all those in this city. Results and inspirational
stories from last Fall are amazing and countless.

This year, the desire to run 40 Days for Life campaigns has spread to
many additional cities, as well as countries, showing that with the
aid of God's grace the prayers from this Fall may truly impact humans
on a level like none other. The dates of this year's vigil will be
Sept 24 - Nov 2, and sign-ups start next week. For more information,
feel free to email me back any questions, or take a look at the
national webpage: www.40daysforlife.com

The desire here in Seattle and Washington is to increase the number of
abortion mills that we pray at - to be present to more women and help
show them a more loving path. We're going to have a meeting soon to
gauge interest and find additional volunteers who are willing to help
with planning. We know you're out there and we need you! Let's come
together and as a community make this vigil a reality here in Seattle
once again! Here's the info for our planning meeting - all who are
interested in helping are more than welcome to attend:
When? July 29th at 7pm
Where? Blessed Sacrament Parish in the Aquinas Library (entrance off of 8th Ave)
5041 8th Ave NE, Seattle 98105

Yours in Life,

Aaron Stockton & Chris Haag