Saturday, October 27, 2007

40 Days for Life Announcements

Before we get to the individual vigil information, the folks at 40 Days for Life are planning a huge tele-rally and webcast with some of the biggest names in the pro-life movement as a finale to the 40 Days for Life and YOU can be a part of it! They only have 3,000 spaces, however, so in order to participate, you have to go to this website:
and enter your e-mail address. The tele-rally and webcast will be broadcast at 6 pm Pacific time. If you're wondering what this is all about, go to the link above and read more.

I just can't resist Good Morning America's Al Roker's line here: "That's what's going on around the country; here's what happening in your neck of the woods." ;)


We're asking for more of you to come out on the next 2 Saturdays. Saturdays are the biggest abortion days in the U.S. Clinic hours are 9-4.

Next Friday (11/2) National 40 Days for Life Director, David Bereit will be visiting all 40 Days for Life locations in Washington (Everett, Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia). It looks like he'll be visiting our Everett location first thing in the morning. Also, if you'd like to join our carpool down to Olympia at 6:30 PM that night to hear David speak and gather with others in the state praying to end abortion, let us know. ( We need a head count ASAP.

Victory Rally Sunday, November 4 at 5 PM! Come celebrate what God has done through our 40 Days for Life campaign. Note: the time has been moved up so that we can really celebrate. We'll have food this time, and open mic for all of you to share what you've seen God do in these 40 days. And once again, we'll be blessed with the inspiring music of Donna Cori Gibson. The rally will be held again at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 2913 W. Marine View Drive in Everett.


David Bereit, the National Campaign Director for the 40 Days for Life, will be praying with us at all the Washington prayer vigil sites on Friday 11/2. That evening at 6:30 pm, he will then speak in Olympia. More information soon as to the specific time of day that he'll be praying at the Seattle 40 Days for Life site. IMPORTANT: If you are interested in going, please let us know soon because we have to have a headcount by early next week ( Once we know all that are going we'll try to get some carpooling action together.

Here's a list of hours we need get to covered this weekend. As usual you're all encouraged to come out at any time, but if you can help us get these specific hours covered, it would take a burden off of our shoulders. Email ( or call (253-336-6493) us to help us fill these or other hours in. I'll send out another email on Sunday concerning next weeks open hours.

10/27 - Saturday
10/28 - Sunday

If any of you have been taking pictures of your time out on vigil, or have any from the kick off rally or the mid way rally, please e-mail to receive information on where to send them. (There was, originally, an e-mail address to send them to, but I'm trying to protect the privacy of the individual putting the slideshow together.)