Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prayer Request

This e-mail is from a former YFL member. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Last Wednesday my family got the exciting news that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting identical twin boys.  But one of the twins, Gabriel, is acardiac, which means he is really underdeveloped and, as far as they can see from the last ultrasound, doesn't have a heart.  But the twins' blood flow is connected and right now little Gabriel's brother, Patrick, is keeping him alive.  Doctors have said that little Gabriel has no chance and that Patrick is at risk for heart failure because right now his heart is beating for two.  My family is devastated, but not without hope.

[The parents] are awesome Catholics and have gotten great pro-life advice from some wonderful doctors, but the solution is still undecided and ultimately in God's hands.  And God's will be done, but I'm definitely letting Him know what I want and praying my heart out for a miracle for both of my beautiful little nephews. [They're] going in for another ultrasound this Tuesday and my family is praying a novena to Bl. Stanislaus (one of the miracles leading to his beatification was a little unborn baby regaining his heartbeat and being born healthy after ultrasounds showed that his mom had miscarried).

Gabriel and Patrick are the first grandkids for my parents, and I promised my brother that I will be the best aunt they could ever have.  I'm praying so, so hard and am asking for your prayers, too.  Little Gabriel, Patrick and [their parents] really need them.